Tick Tock Buzz

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetMy son plays indoor soccer which is slightly different than outdoor soccer. The most obvious difference being that the game is played indoors. The pitch is within an arena, guarded by nets and a short wall. Our arena has a few bleachers but for that close up view you stand right behind the wall enclosing the pitch. My husband has his regular spot he likes to snag. It’s right next to the clock. I tend to roam back and forth with the camera but at this particular game the clock kept grabbing my attention.

What is it about time that affects us? We can be short on time, catching up with time, controlled by time, out of time, just in time and the time factors go on and on. The clock is always ticking in our lives. Outside of the physical elements of time there’s a spiritual tone as well.

I’ve experienced following the timing of God’s leading. Going where He’s led me to go and doing what He’s called me to do at the time He says. I’ve also experienced ignoring His timing. There wasn’t a dream, a vision or anything supernatural about knowing His timing. It was a simple knowing deep within me that “it was time”. I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness with me in the midst of my unfaithfulness when ignoring that “knowing”. Staying longer than I should have or moving ahead before His timing has never turned out well. God’s grace has been my saving grace.

Why do we stay longer than we should? I think there’s a certain fear and insecurity that comes with staying longer than we should. A fear of what will happen when we move on. A fear that all we have worked for will be either undone or forgotten. Dare I say that there may be a fear that we ourselves are forgotten? Then there’s the move from the old into the new. The new is the unknown and there’s a level of insecurity that comes with that. We are no longer the master of our domain but become once again the student.

Why do we move before it’s time? I’ve seen this happen when there’s a wounding. We want out of the birthplace of that pain and so we run. I’ve also seen this when there’s a need to control our destiny. We have the foresight of what’s to come and so forge ahead to make it happen now. Both of these, wounding and control, bypass the preparation needed for that new season and we find ourselves in the new but with weak shoulders to bare it.

Timing and our response to timing comes with multiple factors and complexities. I’m probably over simplifying it here. The bottom line is that time is important. It’s not just the tick-tock of a clock or the buzz at the end of a game. Time is a guide.

At the sound of the first buzz, my son and his team know that the first half has come to an end. I’ve never seen them try to hold onto the first half of their game. I never seen them clinging to the clock wailing and thrashing at the loss of that time. What I’ve seen is them pause, replenish, review the highs and lows of the first half and decide on adjustments for the next half of the game. The clock buzzes again and they hit the pitch fully engaged in this next part of their game.

So where are you with time? Are you trying to move ahead of it? Lagging behind it? What’s driving you to do this? Maybe you’re in the pause between the first and second half. How are you replenishing? What have you learned from that first half and what adjustments should you make as you move forward?

Brenda Renderos


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