What’s Your Theme Song?

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a movie sequence where the star is walking away in slow motion to an epic soundtrack? It’s okay. No one can see you raising your hand. I have two favorite themes. One is when the underdog wins the game and walks off the court and the other is when the hero saves the world from alien domination! I can picture them now walking away in slow motion, hair blowing flawlessly in the wind while the most epic of theme songs is playing in the background. Every step they make is right in sync with the music. My heart rate is going up a bit just thinking about it.

Well, here’s a question for you. Would you ever consider actually walking around with an epic soundtrack playing around you?

I love watching what my kids do. It’s enlightening and confusing all at the same time. I’ve noticed my daughter walk around with her music playing. Not with her earbuds in listening to the music but out loud for anyone near her to hear. It’s playing while she’s getting ready for school, while she’s cooking, while she’s doing her chores, the music is playing. She has her own playlist and changes it up depending on her mood and the task at hand but it’s her playlist. I asked her once about it and if I could read between the lines of her response it would be, “Why do I do that? Why don’t YOU do that?”

Good question! I think we do. I think we actually do walk around with a theme soundtrack playing around us but the question is what’s on our playlist. The soundtrack is our belief system. The songs are the statements that play through our head. We walk to the beat of what’s playing through our hearts and minds everyday. My daughter plays her music out loud so anyone standing near here is affected by it. You either are brought up or weighed down by what she’s playing. The same is true with that soundtrack in our lives. What’s playing through us has an affect on those around us as well.

So as you’re going through your day, take a listen to what your theme song is. What’s on your playlist of thoughts and beliefs. Is it time to shuffle? Maybe time to delete some things and add some new?

Brenda Renderos